Folkert Olthof

Folkert Olthof is a senior land agent – appraiser at Van Ameyde Valuations, where he has been working since 2013. He has a strong analytical ability and is capable of translating theoretical issues into clear and understandable advice and appraisals. This translates, among other things, into clear and traceable appraisals of Rural and Agricultural Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate. Folkert has a great affinity with the agricultural sector and has specific knowledge of agricultural law.

He appears several times a year as a (guest) lecturer for several training institutes.

Some of his specialties are appraisals and advice on Rural and Agricultural Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate including market value, current value, equilibrium value, full compensation Land acquisition, strategy and policy advice for a large utility company, appraisal and land acquisition for (semi) governments, advice on leasehold (industrial, urban, rural), expert assistance in expropriation