Risk Management

Van Ameyde Risk Solutions can help you improve or guarantee the performance of your organization through risk management and insurance management.


Insurance Management

If you’re a busy director or manager juggling numerous responsibilities, and insurance matters seem overwhelming or unfamiliar, Van Ameyde Risk Solutions is here to alleviate the burden. Our expertise lies in streamlining your insurance management, enhancing professionalism, transparency, and efficiency. We provide invaluable insights and control, ensuring your insurance strategy aligns seamlessly with your organizational goals. With our tailored approach, we cut through the complexity, separating essential coverage from unnecessary expenses. Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, we assess risks and insurance needs through the lens of your organization. We meticulously analyze your requirements, identifying the optimal coverage to safeguard against financial setbacks. From aligning processes with policies to facilitating communication with brokers and insurers, we handle every aspect of insurance management. Whether it’s maintaining accurate valuations or guiding you through claims processes, our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience. Recognizing that insurance management isn’t a full-time endeavor for most companies, we offer part-time support tailored to your organization’s needs. Our proven track record demonstrates rapid returns on investment, as our services quickly pay for themselves, leaving you free to focus on core business priorities.

Risk Engineering

Our Risk Engineers map out the operational risks of your company, organization, or (construction) project with the aim of maintaining safety, continuity, and insurability.

  • Risk inspections (PD/BI, CAR)
  • Development of security concepts in real estate development
  • Fire safety concepts in the context of insurability, building regulations, and continuity
  • UPD’s and PVE’s of fire protection installations
  • Atex
  • Business Impact Analyses (BIA)
  • Business continuity plans (BCM)
  • Promotion of insurability
  • Due Diligence / M&A

What sets our approach apart is that we not only identify risks and propose measures, but we also implement those measures in your business practice. Your goals and budget are central to this approach. An approach that not only relieves your organization but also promotes creative solutions.



Risks management has two motives: better business performance and careful compliance with relevant rules. We assist our clients in both goals. Our dedicated compliance specialists ensure that your business activities and processes comply with the highest standards. This not only minimizes legal risks but also strengthens the trust of our customers. With a focus on ethics, transparency, and compliance with industry standards, we provide a solid foundation for sustainable growth and success. We seek the simplest, most efficient, and effective solutions and strive to prevent red tape.


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