Our story & mission

Securing stories every day

The Van Ameyde story is about our clients in the global insurance and risk management markets. It’s about what they do, what they need and the opportunities they see. It’s about what it takes to fulfil their customer promises. It’s about how we secure their success stories.

A mentality that sets us apart

Over 1,500 colleagues across the globe help people, businesses, the marine industry, insurers and brokers deal with property & casualty claims. It’s their dedication and skills that help our clients achieve bold, lasting results with flawless claims management solutions and unrivalled IT systems. Our mission is to give people peace of mind, ensure the continuity of businesses and secure our clients’ business interests.

Built on determination and optimism

Understanding our clients’ business needs, we do what it takes to ensure our clients’ success stories continue. This mentality has its roots in the embers of World War II. That’s when Henri van Ameyde set out as a motor claims adjuster to help rebuild the Dutch army and aid post-war reconstruction.

Soon, we started working with insurers and helped them improve their claims processes. Learning their needs and providing solutions made us the first Dutch claims services provider to open offices outside the Netherlands.

“You help other people. It’s a sense of achievement. Home flooded or house burned. Helping people get back to how they were before. A personal thank you. Sometimes it’s really about the satisfaction.” – Claims handler at VA Central

At the heart of customer experience

Fast forward to now. We have a portfolio of over 1,000 clients in the global insurance and risk management market. We handle nearly a million claims and incidents each year. We work in a network of offices covering the whole of Europe and Asia. We are 1,500 dedicated and highly-trained people who work at the heart of customer experience.






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